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As an indie/self-published author, getting a book review can be very difficult. With ebook publishing on the rise, many companies are taking struggling independently published authors for granted to cash in on this. ¬†You should never pay for book reviews! A false book review can tarnish your reputation. Having your amazon self published title flooded with reviews that aren’t honest and un-biased can ultimately ruin your writing career. I know how hard it is; I’m a self-published Author myself. Without reviews you can barely get noticed as an author. This is why I’ve developed the Indie Book Blog Database.

At the Indie Book Blog Database you can find hundreds of well-established book blogs that will read and review your books for free! That’s right for free! You may not get your books reviewed over night, many of the reviewers here get flooded with review requests. One thing you have to remember: This is a free service and many reviewers do this for a hobby.

There are a few other book blog directories on the web. I’ll list a few of them here so that you may visit them.

I could certainly use some help running the database. If you have any suggestions or comments that you would like to offer to improve the site, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

About the owner

My name is Jennifer and I run various web sites all over the web. I am also a struggling self-published author who is pushing like every other Indie to find luck and become the next bestseller (though I have a long way to go).

You can find my collective at

Jennifer-Hampton.Com (My personal site)


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